About Pifer Estate Law

Located on East Boulevard near uptown Charlotte, Pifer Estate Law is a boutique law firm that focuses on estate planning and administration for today’s & tomorrow’s legal needs to help clients plan, preserve, and pass on their hard earned assets. We accomplish this through estate planning, estate administration and probate, asset protection, business succession, business formation, and more. Our focus is on achieving the results that our clients want and in minimizing attorney, court and tax fees.

 Founded in 2003, the Law Office of Deni C. Pifer , P.C., has proven experience and is committed to achieving success. Our team – consisting of Attorney Deni C. Pifer, Legal Assistant Malisa Coleman, and Estate Administrator Elizabeth M. Lee, have the skills, experience and resources needed to properly prepare and execute sound estate plans that are specifically tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Every family is unique and it’s important that your hard earned assets are passed as YOU wish. There is no template document or plan that is one size fits all.
Your initial client consultation with Deni is offered at no charge so that she and her team can evaluate your specific needs and design a plan that is just right for you.

As our client testimonials reflect, Pifer Estate Law has earned a reputation for excellence and results from clients and other law firms. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients who often times bring us challenging assignments that ultimately lead to earning and maintaining their trust. We want our clients to feel assured that they have the information and guidance to make sound decisions – and to consider us one of their lifetime trusted advisors. We pride ourselves in taking phenomenal care of our clients through personal attention, timeliness, and responsiveness.

About Deni Pifer:

I was finishing my M.B.A. at Winthrop University at the time of my mother’s death from cancer at her young age of 51. During this time, I took an elective course in Estate Planning and was instantly intrigued with the idea of helping people going through life’s biggest tragedy – the death of a loved one. Growing up in Rock Hill, South Carolina with plans to move to Charleston after law school, I graduated from what was then South Carolina’s only law school – The University of South Carolina. During my time at U.S.C., I took every course available in Estate Planning, Estate Administration and tax law and became a member of the South Carolina State Bar in 1997.

Charlotte rather than Charleston was my future and I began my career in Estate Planning in 1997. While I worked in the trust and planning department in the wealth management groups within First Union, I became a member of the North Carolina State Bar in 1999. It was time to go to work in a law firm! After one year at a firm, I decided I could give my clients my undivided attention and better service if I was a sole practitioner.

I opened the Law Office of Deni C. Pifer, P.C. in 2003, married my husband Bobby in 2004 and have since had a son and a daughter. Every person I help is someone’s wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, brother and/or sister. Planning for the inevitability of death is never easy, and making decisions as to whom, what and how can be overwhelming. Even worse can be losing someone you love. Having to deal with the probate process and administer an estate can be frustrating at best. I LOVE my job because I can help ease the burden of planning and of administration. I really do care about my clients and that their planning and/or
Estate Administration is done in a responsible, timely manner. Most of all, I want to make certain my clients’ assets pass to their loved ones in the way my clients want their legacy to pass, no matter how big or how small – it all matters.

Articles about or by Deni Pifer:

* Member of American Bar Association
* Member of the North Carolina Bar Association
* Member of Mecklenburg County Bar Association
* Member the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils
* Member of the South Carolina Bar Association

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